Our Team


At Century 21 Fiori, we are a team of professionals with knowledge in different areas, such as construction, marketing, sales, finance, etc., to provide total support to our clients.

Our agents will advise you at every step of the process, to ensure that what started as a dream becomes a reality, easily and without complications.

Telephone: (506) 8840-8534
Email: lgamez@century21fiori.com

Lucía Gámez

Lucía enjoys spending time with family, especially her youngest nephews. She loves reading, especially topics on personal growth and historical novels. She began her career in banking, and with extensive experience in multinational companies.

Specialist in the Heredia area

Telephone: (506) 8858-8249
Email: dgonzales@century21fiori.com

Danniza González

Passionate about real estate, interior design, personal development, high-performance results, and customer service. She enjoys spending time with family, being in contact with nature, and music. Danniza holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and another one in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Specialist in the ​​Heredia area

Telephone: (506) 7045-7004
Email: dys@century21fiori.com

Equipo D&S

Deily Rodríguez and Seidy Guzmán love nature and wellness, they combine their knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to do what they now call a life mission, which is to help people feel and be well, through innovative solutions. They have extensive experience in developing new businesses, accompanying entrepreneurs, teamwork, marketing, and sales. They also have studies in education and neurolinguistic programming.

Specialists in the northern area of ​​the metropolitan area.

Telephone: (506) 8705-7009
Email: maguilar@century21fiori.com

Max Aguilar

Max enjoys his time with family and is a proud owner of five dogs. He is very structured in his way of working, leaving nothing to chance. Max graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and has extensive experience in the construction sector.

Specialist in the western area of ​​the metropolitan area.

Telephone: (506) 8371-7571
Email: nsaborio@century21fiori.com

Nelsy Saborío

Nelsy is passionate about service, and social engagement not only in her work but also in her community. She is a cheerful woman, spiritual, and in love with her granddaughter. Nelsy graduated with a degree in Business Administration, and is an expert in sales and marketing.

Specialist in the Heredia area.

Telephone: (506) 8371-7571
Email: pmolina@century21fiori.com

Paola Molina

Colombian by birth, she emigrated to Costa Rica 20 years ago in search of a better future. With knowledge and experience in marketing, sales, customer service, and international business, she has an innate ability for interior decoration and space management. Paola loves pets, she lives in the inseparable company of a Pug and an English Bulldog, her two favorites.

Specialist in the western area of ​​the metropolitan area and some sectors of Alajuela.

Telephone: (506) 8454-2252
Email: rcordero@century21fiori.com

Ricardo Cordero

Passionate about sports, he enjoys playing soccer, cycling, and going to the gym to maintain good health. Ricardo has extensive experience in the financial and commercial sector of the public banking system. With a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Banking and Finance, he loves teamwork and is very meticulous and detail-oriented.

Specialist in the eastern area of ​​the metropolitan area.

Telephone: (506) 8325-4979
Email: xchinchilla@century21fiori.com

Xinia Chinchilla 

Professional with dual experience as a bank employee and independent worker in financial and real estate matters. Master’s degree in administration, certified ontological coach, with extensive experience in financial advising for the comprehensive well-being of companies and families. Believer, passionate about her daughters and family, enjoys sports and teamwork.

Telephone: (506) 7045-7004
Email: asistente@century21fiori.com

Yency Vargas Chanto

Yency enjoys spending time with family and sharing moments with her pets in nature, exploring new places. She has experience in customer service, accounting, and sales. She takes pleasure in serving others, supporting the team, and assisting C21 Fiori’s clients at every step of the process.